Sunlight and breast, ovarian, colon, prostate, non-melanoma skin cancer – (07-18-02)

Sunlight and breast, ovarian, colon, prostate, non-melanoma skin cancer

We have such fears these days of sunlight exposure and have forgotten that sunlight is actually healthy for us (in moderation, of course). This article shows a protective effect of sunlight exposure on many types of cancer. Recently, much press was given here in AZ on the increasing rates of melanoma in children. So of course we heard from “experts” on how properly apply sunscreen and stay out of the sun. A few things to consider here. Do you think that kids today have less actual sun exposure now than 20 years ago? The push for sunscreen, kids staying indoors to play video games… I would bet total sunlight exposure is down and yet melanoma is up. How?? Gosh forbid we should consider a overall health and nutritional impact on melanoma. I would like to see further studies comparing overall sun exposure as well as looking into dietary considerations now versus 20 years ago.

Occup Environ Med — Abstracts: Freedman et al. 59 (4): 257

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James Bogash

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