Best Massage Therapist Mesa AZ

Best Massage Therapist Mesa AZBenefits of Massage Therapy In Mesa AZ

A Mesa, AZ massage therapist from LifeCare Chiropractic knows there are many benefits to massage therapy, including both emotional and physical benefits. Below are the most commonly cited benefits that massage therapists in Mesa, AZ and clients agree are reasons to include massage therapy into your self-care routine:

Physical Benefits

Pain Relief: One of the most widely-known benefits of massage therapy is that it can help ease chronic pain. Knee pains, back pains, or chronic fatigue syndrome are some of the issues that regular massage therapy with a skilled massage therapist in Mesa, AZ can address. Massage therapy eases physical pain through not only increasing circulation to the afflicted areas but also through the stimulation and release of pain-fighting endorphins. The ability of massage therapy to relieve various causes of pain is of vital importance because it can reduce or eliminate the need for painkillers.

Relieves Inflammatory Conditions: Pain relief is not the only thing massage can provide. A massage therapist in Mesa, AZ can also be used to treat inflammatory conditions such as tendinitis and arthritis. This is not only because it helps to relax and loosen the muscles, it also enhances flexibility of joints. This in turn allows more fluidity of movement which also makes your muscles less susceptible to injuries.

Improved Immunity: A report by the American Massage Therapy Association suggests that massage therapy can boost one’s immune system. Massage therapy can increase the white blood cell count as well as their activity level. White blood cells work to prevent the body from viruses and diseases.

Improves Posture and Treats Breathing Problems: Another advantage of massage therapy is that it can help open your chest area through the expansion of your rib cage. This is often beneficial because it loosens tightness in the chest area, allowing one to inhale and exhale more deeply. This, in turn, can oxygenate the blood.

Emotional Benefits

Eases Stress/Depression/Anxiety: The feel-good factor that massage therapy offers can help ease your stress, depression, and anxiety. The endorphins produced in the body while undergoing massage therapy can enhance relaxation which in turn can reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.

Improved Sleep: Your sleep may improve once you undergo massage therapy with a skilled Mesa, AZ massage therapist. This is helpful for both insomniacs and those without sleeping problems. For the latter, they may notice that they wake up less during the night and feel more energized upon waking up. A lack of sleep can also be caused by stress and depression so massage therapy can help address this.

Better Concentration: Massage therapy can also help improve concentration and alertness. When one is calm and relaxed, it is easier to focus and remain alert. This is crucial for anyone who wants to be more productive and creative because with better concentration comes improved decision-making.

Improved Sense of Self-Awareness and Peace: This comes as a result of the connection between the mind and body. A sense of peacefulness is more accessible when one is less stressed or physically sound. Massage therapy with a skilled massage therapist in Mesa, AZ can allow the mind to focus less on insignificant things and instead, focus on what is more important.

Massage FAQs:

Q: Is It Hard to Find a Massage Therapist I Can Trust?

A: According to the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards, nearly 300,000 people in the United States study massage therapy and work as massage therapists. State agencies regulate and license massage therapists to ensure professionalism, privacy, and safety. Many states require therapists to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination. Determine your state’s licensing requirements and ask your massage therapist for their credentials to increase your trust in their services.

Q: Does My Health Insurance Cover Massage Therapy?

A: Some insurers cover alternative therapies like massage, chiropractic care, and acupuncture. However, you may face higher out-of-pocket expenses than one might expect. Before making your first massage appointment, check with your insurer and your therapist to make sure you’re covered. Ask if you need a prescription or a referral from your physician, if you must pay a deductible or copay, or if you have coverage only for a limited number of visits.

Q: What Are the Benefits of Massage Therapy?

A: People get massages for many reasons:

  • Relaxation
  • Injury recovery
  • Athletic massage
  • Pain reduction
  • Stress relief
  • Physical therapy
  • Migraine headache mitigation
  • Improved digestion
  • Fibromyalgia treatment
  • Insomnia prevention
  • Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer symptom reduction

Q: When Should I Avoid Massage Therapy?

A: Massage therapists offer non-invasive, non-narcotic treatments for many types of injuries and pain. However, massage isn’t for everyone. People with high blood pressure, deep-vein thrombosis, and certain skin conditions should check with a doctor before getting a massage. If you have a fever, feel dizzy, or have recently been in an accident, you may want to postpone your massage appointment.

Q: What Kind of Training Does It Take to Be a Massage Therapist?

A: At the 300 U.S. massage therapy schools, aspiring practitioners typically get 600-700 hours of training. Almost all massage therapists take continuing education classes, averaging 20 hours per year. Ask your practitioner about their educational experiences, practical training, and ongoing professional development.

Q: What If I Don’t Want a Massage Therapist to Work on a Certain Part of My Body?

A: Before your massage, let your therapist know which parts of your body you want them to avoid. For example, many clients aren’t comfortable with having their abdominal area massaged. Your massage therapist will know how to avoid any sensitive areas you identify and still give you a therapeutic experience.

What are the top myths about massage therapy?

When most people hear about getting massages, they believe it is only done as a luxury. While many spas have incorporated different massages into their routines to help relax their clients, massage therapy goes beyond simple relaxation. It helps to stimulate your body’s own natural ability to heal. So, what are the top myths about massage therapy?

1. When you get a massage, it only focuses on your muscles.

False! A massage does more than just focus on your muscles, especially when done by a Mesa, Arizona massage therapist. When you get a proper massage, it can help to loosen your joints by moving fluids around in your body. This also helps to give you a more increased range of motion. Further, by massaging areas of fluid buildup, you may find that your massage therapist has helped reduce swelling as well.

2. I can get a massage from any spa and it will be the same.

This is a dangerous notion because a massage from one place is not the same as a massage from another place. No matter where you choose to go for your massage, you want to make sure your masseur has a license. However, if you want real healing, it is important that you go to a massage therapist in Mesa, AZ. Someone who performs massage therapy should have the training and a license so you know you are getting a medical treatment, not just a massage for relaxation.

3. For a massage to be effective, you should feel some pain.

There is only a little bit of truth to this. It is certainly possible that you will feel slight discomfort if your massage therapist is working out a knot. Or, you may feel sore for a few days after your massage. However, if you are in any pain during your massage you should not hesitate to speak up. Your massage therapist should be able to quickly change the type of massage they are giving you to be something more comfortable.

4. I can get a massage once and my aches and pains will go away!

If only this were true about most pain! However, you should speak with your massage therapist in Mesa, AZ about how many appointments you should begin scheduling for your pain. If you are in pain because of chronic bad posture or constantly sitting, you cannot expect your pain to suddenly go away. You should consider setting up standing appointments from your massage therapist to help your pain in the long-term.

Don’t let the myths about massage therapy fool you. It is important that you seek help from a licensed massage therapist in Mesa, Arizona for your aches and pains. For more information or to schedule a therapy session, call a massage therapist in Mesa, AZ from LifeCare Chiropractic today.