What to do Before Your Cardiac Procedure – Mesa AZ Chiropractor

The CT scans to look at the blood vessels of the heart have come a long way since being first introduced.  While this procedure is not good to screen everyone in the general public just to satisfy a curiosity of how your coronary blood vessels look, when used in patients at intermediate risk and having […]

The Mammography Debate Continues; Are You a Victim?

  Society and medicine are very slow to adapt and change.  This may be fine in some situations, but when it comes to mammography and breast cancer, the consequences are extreme. The story needs to start with what exactly constitutes “breast cancer.”  The two most common types are lobular and ductal carcinomas.    Both of these […]

Have You Had Your CT Scan Today? 5 Tips You Need to Know

Statistically, the answer is probably yes because we are handing these out like candy.  Fill up at Quik Trip and you can have your windshield repaired and a CT scan ordered. I recently had a patient with a headache that was not responding as expected.  Her PCP ordered a CT scan.  Not an MRI.  When […]

Does Your Child Have Appendicitis? Avoid CT Scan Side Effects

A visit to the ER for abdominal pain in a child can be scary. Most often it’s something simple, but appendicitis can lurk in the shadows. Signs and symptoms of appendicitis can include slight fever, right sided abdominal pain as well as nausea and vomiting. Almost certainly, a visit to the ER will include a […]

Could Statins Actually Help Prevent Heart Disease?

Ok, so maybe I’ve been too hard on statins.  Just because they suck at preventing a first heart attack is no reason to throw the baby out with the bath water. The list of side effects continues to grow, with diabetes being the most concerning (unless of course, it is you personally who happens to die […]