Does Chiropractic Care Drive Up Health Insurance Costs?

Here in Arizona, chiropractic care is not included in the Medicaid system (termed AZ Health Care Cost Containment System, or AHCCCS).  As an active member of my state association, I have been in the front lines trying to get chiropractic care included in this system.  Here is how it usually goes: Arizona Chiropractic Association: We […]

CT Scan Side Effects: Beware of Pediatric ER Visits

We love technology in medicine like CT scans, however, it is replacing a well thought out diagnosis. But are CT scan side effects worth the information obtained? Regardless of whether it is for a child or for yourself, going to the emergency is dangerous business. Not only is the ER a breeding ground for bacteria like […]


Biochemical Markers of Bone Metabolism, Prediction of Fracture in Elderly Women I’m a little surprise at this article. The authors determined that urinary markers of bone turnover are a good predictor of verterbral fracture risk in elderly women. However, these markers have been commercially available for years. Oh well–it’s still nice to see the acknowledgement of these […]

MRI for Back Pain: Which Back Pain Doctor Uses the Evidence?

Everyone wants an MRI for back pain. Society teaches us that more information is better, but which type of back pain doctor actually uses MRIs most effectively? In interests of full disclosure…I’m a chiropractor. But, in my defense, what I’m about to say is not hearsay. The evidence of chiropractic care’s effectiveness and “correctness” continues to […]

Common Knee Osteoarthritis Symptom Treatment Fails Again

  Knee osteoarthritis symptoms. For some, it seems like the diagnosis is pretty much the same as saying that surgery is inevitable. There are times when I think that more information is a bad thing.  There have been countless times in my practice where someone gets hooked on imaging findings (whether they are MRI, CT […]