Critical Links Between Sleep Apnea, Deep Sleep and Dementia

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on dementia research annually. While many may not like my opinion, I think we’re throwing this money away. To date, we have had very little in the way of a “cure.”  The research dollars continue to hit dead ends. Here’s the problem.  By the time that someone is […]

Tinnitus Woes: Current Research on Prevention and Treatment

Tinnitus. That annoying little ringing that you can always hear in your brain that nothing seems to help. To make it worse, it always seems to get worse just when you’re trying to fall asleep at night. And treatments are few and far between and usually involve some type of hearing aid to counterbalance the […]

Low HDL Cholesterol? This Supplement Could Protect Your Heart

The cholesterol story continues, but the emphasis placed on total cholesterol is finally fading. Now the heat is up on HDL, or the “good” cholesterol. It’s almost sad that, after years and years of promoting high cholesterol as a risk factor for heart disease, the medical community has quietly backed off from this mistaken belief […]

Alzheimer’s Dementia Research; We’re Throwing Money Away

Much like the cancer scenario, it seems like dementia research is throwing money around looking for a “cure” for Alzheimer’s dementia.  I have said for years now that they ain’t going to find it. By the time that someone is diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disorder, it is likely that he or she has already lost […]

Post Concussive Syndrome: 5 Tips to Protect Your Brain

As a chiropractor, post concussive syndrome is not an unusual thing to see in our office following trauma such as a motor vehicle accident. For the patients that develop post concussive syndrome, life can be pretty miserable.  Symptoms can include: Headaches Difficulty thinking clearly Short term memory loss Irritability Anxiety Problems sleeping Dizziness For most, […]