Sucrose activates human taste pathways differently from artificial sweetener. As if there weren’t enough reasons to avoid artificial sweeteners already. It still amazes me how well they have permeated our society, and, even more frightening, is how readily our children have taken to their use. It is obvious from a common sense standpoint that putting […]

Do You Give Your Kid’s Gatorade?

GATORADE FOR ACTIVE KIDS?  Gatorade (in it’s original form without all the iridescent colors and artificial sweeteners) was designed for the athlete who hits the wall at 60 minute of heavy aerobic activity and needs rapid glucose for the next hour.  And, quite frankly, it does a good job at this.  And ONLY this.  But, […]

Very Common Chemical Dangerous in Pregnancy

I have always been and will always remain staunchly against artificial sweeteners.  In ANY amount. They have become so ubiquitous and so accepted in society today that no one questions their safety.  However, an increasing number of animal and human studies continue to find that these compounds increase the risk of weight gain and diabetes–exactly […]