Proton-Pump Inhibitors and Heart Disease

3RD LEADING CLASS OF MEDICATION LINKED TO HEART DISEASE? Given my understanding of human physiology, I consider the act of digestion and assimilation of nutrients to be one of the most important things that our bodies do.  Off the top of my head, I can list at least 10 things that stomach acid is absolutely […]

Nuts, Inflammatory Death

WANT TO LIVE LONGER?  EAT MORE OF THESE…  It should come as no surprise that nuts are very good for us.  The fats in them are well known to lower levels of inflammation and do wonders for protecting the heart.  All nuts have benefits, although there are some generalizations.  Almonds and cashews (owing to their […]

Vitamin B, PMS

GIRLFRIEND GETS A LITTLE CRANKY AROUND HER CYCLE?  SLIP HER SOME OF THIS…  When she’s not looking, replace her Wonder bread and Lucky Charms with some whole grain equivalents.  In this particular study, researchers found that those with the highest intake of riboflavin and thiamin had a 35% lower risk of developing PMS.  This sure […]

High Protein, Gut

LOSING WEIGHT THIS WAY MAY DAMAGE THE COLON?  The high protein / low carb (aka Atkin’s diet) has never been a good idea with only a few exceptions.  In general, this type of diet will kill you in the long run, and this particular study suggests that the route of deceasement (Word is suggesting that […]