Whole body EMS is the answer!


After much research, we have decided to offer whole body EMS training in our office. We’re incredibly excited to offer this tool to help our patients.

The benefits can be extensive, especially for those who have a hard time gaining muscle or bone due to age or some type of physical impairment.

This therapy can be life changing, especially given the impact that muscle mass has on health and longevity.

I first came across this in a cardiology conference abstract: 16 weeks at one 20-min session/week improved waist-to-hip-ratio, cholesterol, breathing efficiency and blood vessel health.

Yes–20 minutes per WEEK.

Who can benefit the most?

**People with neurological conditions like Parkinson’s, MS or after a stroke
**Older persons who need more muscle mass but have a hard time adding it with regular workouts
**People who need more motivation and guidance on how to build muscle mass

Click here for videos of how the suit works

Another video example

For those of you who need a little more proof, here are just a few of the medical studies supporting the use of Whole Body EMS to build muscle mass and strength.

*Whole body EMS performs as well as high-intensity short burst exercise

*Whole body EMS builds more balance and muscle strength

*Whole body EMS builds muscle strength in non-athletic adults

The process really is simple:  Gear up in your own form fitting simple undersuit that is provided, slip into the suit, help our trainer set your comfort level and begin simple trainer-led exercises to your path to better health and independence in just 20 minutes a week.

We strongly recommend a series of 10 sessions:

  • Try it out for yourself, first time session: $50
  • Single sessions: $75
  • Trainer-led workouts: 10 sessions for $500
  • This can also be combined with whole-body vibration package (non-guided) 6 sessions for $150

The packages include the required inner suit (kind of like biker shorts/shirt); single sessions and the intro session can use a clinic-provided inner-suit.

Can’t wait to get started??

Buy your packages RIGHT NOW and call the office to get scheduled for your first session!

Trainer-led 10 session package $500

Whole body vibration package $150