E-Books by Dr. Bogash

Migraines and epilepsyMigraines and Epilepsy: How to Find Relief, Live Well and Protect Your Brain

The debilitating pain of a migraine. The disability of poorly controlled seizures. If this describes you, or someone you care about, you are not alone. While nothing in the physiology of the brain is guaranteed, the majority of those who follow the recommendations in this book will find relief. Some may be able to rid themselves of migraines or seizures completely.

Ibuprofen side effectsIbuprofen Side Effects: Bleeding Ulcers are Just the Beginning

Let’s discuss the dangers of anti-inflammatories and natural pain relief. It is my hope that the concepts given in this book are going to help your understanding of why you should rethink your use of anti-inflammatory drugs to control pain and give you some alternatives that are safer.

sucralose side effectsSucralose Side Effects: The Dangers of Trying to Cheat Mother Nature

Let’s discuss weight issues, obesity, diabetes prevention and management. It is my hope that the concepts and ideas given in this book are going to help your understanding of how to prevent diabetes or better manage your diabetes, if you have already been diagnosed.

diabetes research, prevention and managementDiabetes Research, Prevention and Management: Is Diabetes Curable?

Diabetes is the scourge of civilization today. It is the ONE disease we all fight against because of the way our bodies were designed. However, our increasing reliance of medicine to treat diabetes have led us to believe there is little we can do to prevent is or manage it. This could not be further from the truth, but you need to have the RIGHT information.

colon cancerColon Cancer: How to Prevent it or Survive it in 12 Easy Steps

How do you prevent colorectal cancer or improve your chances of surviving this cancer if you have already been diagnosed? I will also introduce you to “My Recommendations,” which will give you things you can do right away to improve the overall health of your entire gastrointestinal tract.

Heart attack risksHigh Heart Attack Risk: Identify Important Risk Factors for Heart Disease Today

What causes heart disease and how can I tell if you are at risk? In this book, you will learn about tools that can positively impact the health of your cardiovascular system and how to prevent and manage heart disease.


Cholesterol MythThe Cholesterol Myth: Is Your Cholesterol Lowering Drug a Lifesaver or Hype?

What causes high cholesterol levels and what diseases will increase cholesterol levels? Learn how lifestyle changes can lower cholesterol levels and find out if your drugs that lower cholesterol are harmful or beneficial…


Chronic Migraine ReliefChronic Migraine Relief: Paths to Heal Your Brain

What is never explained to migraine sufferer is that, even if the headaches are controlled with medication, there is a constant, underlying process going on silently that is damaging the very cells of your brain. If you can understand this process, protect your brain and begin to heal your brain cells from the inside, many times headaches can be eliminated, not just “controlled.”

Anti-Aging strategiesAnti-aging Strategies: Keeping Your Brain and Body Working to 80 and Beyond

In this book, you are going to learn about why we age. We will discuss the most powerful anti-ageing approach known and supplements that can promote longevity.


Back Pain AnswersBack Pain Answers: Secrets Your Back Pain Specialist May Be Keeping From You

There are many tools that can positively impact your ability to live pain free. In this book, you are going to learn why you shouldn’t wait to get treatment, the dangers and problems with conventional treatments and the ways to help manage or eliminate your pain.


Crohn's DiseaseCrohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis: Calm the Flame in Your Gut Naturally

Inflammatory bowel disease, namely Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, can devastate your life. Dr. Bogash will show you how diet plays a role in the management of it and will share the ONE supplement that is absolutely critical in IBD.

Knee Pain AnswersKnee Pain Answers: Reason Why Surgery and Medications May Be a Bad Idea

Knee pain can come from arthritis or some type of an injury like a meniscus tear or ligament injury. You’ve tried rehab or physical therapy, but the benefits seemed to be temporary or didn’t provide enough relief. I will give you things you can do right away to improve your body and muscle.

Chiropractor as your back specialistThe Chiropractor as Your Back Pain Specialist: Why Chiropractic Care is the Best Option for You

In this ebook you are going to learn why traditional medical approaches and surgery may actually leave you worse off. We will show you conditions that chiropractic care has been shown to be effective for treating and things to add to make chiropractic care more effective.

High Systolic Blood PressureHigh Systolic Blood Pressure: Improve Blood Pressure Levels Naturally

Why do we suffer from high blood pressure? I will reveal how blood pressure links with other diseases like migraines, stroke, heart disease and diabetes and will show you how supplements and lifestyle changes that can reduce blood pressure.

depression risk factorsDepression Risk Factors: Beat it Before it Starts, Fight it Once it Does

In this book, you are going to learn about the physiological causes of depression, the problems and pitfalls of medications used and things you can do right away to improve the overall health of your brain.


Fighting the Obesity CrisisFighting the Obesity Crisis: Powerful Tips to a Healthier You Without Exercise

Learn the little known factors that will make it difficult to lose weight if you are not aware of them.
Let us show you the tools to achieve and maintain weight loss and to stop the cycle of a lifelong battle against obesity.

Failed StewardFailed Steward: How mainstream medicine has lost the best interest of the public’s health

Ultimately, “medicine” here in the United States and much of the developed countries around the globe has become synonymous with the use of medications and surgery. Unfortunately, with the amount of money involved and the money at stake, this has become a house of cards upon which our health, our risk of chronic disease and mainstream medicine’s treatment of chronic disease stands.