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8 Things You Need to Know About Chiropractor Mesa AZ Treatment

  1. Feeling better doesn’t mean that you are better when seeing a chiropractor Mesa AZ. Although you may feel a decrease in pain or feel like your pain is gone completely, it doesn’t mean that the original source of the problem is gone completely. You shouldn’t stop treatments when you start to feel better, you should go until the problem has been resolved.
  2. Your phone is going to prolong your problems. Bad posture can be one of the worst things for your body and it’s fueled by bad habits of sitting down all day and looking down at your phone, iPad, laptop, etc. Good posture helps keep your bones and joints in correct alignment and use muscles correctly, but bad posture can counteract the work that you’ve done.
  3. Popping your back and getting an adjustment from a chiropractor aren’t the same thing. Although you may be able to twist around and feel a pop in your back, it won’t cause an adjustment. If you’re not careful, you may even hurt your spine and nervous system.
  4. Previous health problems can be contributing to problems you have now. When talking with your Mesa AZ chiropractor about your health history, there may be things that you don’t want to share or that frankly seem irrelevant. Don’t leave them out, though. There may be some factors from past health concerns that can help resolve the problem at hand.
  5. Back pain isn’t necessarily about your back. Back pain can be debilitating, but it may not always be about your back. A chiropractor will look into the cause of your back pain and will work on treating the source of the pain rather than the pain itself.
  6. Your wallet and phone and other items you keep in your back pocket can be seriously damaging. If you keep your phone, wallet, keys, or other bulky items in your back pocket and typically sit on them, you are causing a postural distortion to your lumbar which can affect the entire nervous system.
  7. Sometimes you might feel worse before you start to feel better. As you begin working with a chiropractor and they create movements in the spine and extremities, your muscles will try to protect your body which can result in muscle spasms and tightness and soreness.
  8. You have to follow instructions for the treatment to work well. Treatment doesn’t stop when you walk out the office door. Your chiropractor can adjust you and ensure that your body is properly aligned, but if you don’t do the exercises or follow the diet prescribed, you likely won’t see the results you’re looking for.

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