Viral Persistence High in Asthmatic Children – (10-19-00)

Viral Persistence High in Asthmatic Children

This study shows a high percentage of asthmatic children have evidence of viral presence in their respiratory tracts compared to normal children. Might this be further rationale for maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle that keeps immune function at optimal levels?

J Infect 2000;41:69-72 Evidence of viral presence appears rare in the upper airways of healthy controls, but may be found in almost 80% of children with stable asthma. Use of polymerase chain reaction testing showed that 78.4% of asthmatics were positive for adenovirus DNA, 32.4% for rhinovirus RNA and 2.7% for coronavirus RNA. In contrast, only one control sample was positive for adenovirus DNA. The remainder were negative. “The persistent presence of viruses in the upper respiratory tract of asthmatic children,” the researchers conclude, “shows a possible connection between viral infections and asthma.”

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