Triglycerides Induce Leptin Resistance at the Blood-Brain Barrier – (05-13-04)

Triglycerides Induce Leptin Resistance at the Blood-Brain Barrier

Recall that leptin is a hormone produced by the adipose tissue that is designed to keep our metabolism in balance. More fat=more leptin=less appetite and faster metabolism. The reverse is then true. But, it appears that high triglycerides inhibit the ability of leptin to cross the blood brain barrier and perform its actions. Chalk up another effect of insulin resistance elevating triglyceride levels. It is rare that, whether in my office or giving a presentation, that patients know their triglyceride levels. They all know their cholesterol, and yet the relationship between cholesterol and triglycerides tells you much about why these values may be elevated.

Diabetes — Abstracts: Banks et al. 53 (5): 1253 –

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James Bogash

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