Tender points are not sites of ongoing inflammation – (02-24-03)

Tender points are not sites of ongoing inflammation -in vivo evidence in patients with chronic tension-type headache

Wow!! What an insightful article!! There has been much debate currently about the use of “itis” when dealing with many musculoskeletal conditions (epicondylitis, tendonitis…). Many researchers now believe that many problems in tendons and muscles (including trigger points) are actually an avascular condition with no acute inflammation; referred to as an “osis” (i.e. tendonosis). That would mean that the gadzillions of NSAID scripts written for musculoskeletal conditions are just short of worthless. These same researchers believe that cortisone injections are not beneficial because of the cortisone, but rather because the needle itself induces injury and creates blood flow into the site of injury. I just returned from a seminar this weekend that strongly addresses the avascular nature of scar tissue/adhesion formations in musculoskeletal injuries.

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