Steroids for your Disc Bulge and Sciatica-Good Science or Hoax?

When a patient goes to the ER, urgent care or a PCP before coming to our office for low back pain, I can almost always guess the drugs they were given. Muscle relaxers, some version of opioids and either a steroid (such as a Medrol dosepak) or a strong anti-inflammatory (such as ibuprofen or naproxen) are […]

To Cut or Not to Cut: Very Long Term Outcomes of Spinal Fusion Surgery

Over time, surgeons have moved to more and more complex procedures.  But whether these lumbar spine surgeries are better is still in question. Initially, spinal surgeries were less complicated with procedures like laminotomies and laminectomy, but surgeons (at least under Medicare) have been moving towards more complex procedures that are more expensive with a higher rate of complications. […]

Is Chiropractic Care Required for Neck Pain?

Maybe “required” is a strong word, but is it possible that negative changes occur with neck pain that can only be fixed by chiropractic adjusting? As always, this is the time for my disclaimer:  As a chiropractor, my viewpoint on this topic is clearly biased, but very well informed. It seems like most of medicine […]

Understanding the burden of musculoskeletal conditions – (05-28-01)

Understanding the burden of musculoskeletal conditions I find it very interesting that, despite the fact that musculoskeletal conditions are so prevalent in the population, relatively few medical journals touch on the topic. That may be because the medical profession has typically handled musculoskeletal problems poorly with little effect. I am biased in this regard, but […]

Is Your Anti-Inflammatory Creating Inflammation? More Ibuprofen Side Effects

Sounds like kind of a mixed up question, doesn’t it?  “Anti” generally means opposed to, as in stopping.  But what if anti-inflammatories are so damaging to your system that they initiate inflammation? You know, of course, that I wouldn’t be asking such a rhetorical question if it didn’t have something to do with this particular […]