Steroid and Cytokine Regulation of MMP Expression in Endometriosis – (10-10-02)

Steroid and Cytokine Regulation of MMP Expression in Endometriosis

Cutting through the technical jargon, this article brings to light a potentially important factor for treatment of endometriosis. Progesterone is key here. Progesterone inhibits the ability of an enzyme, MMP, to establish endometriosis. This ability of progesterone can itself be inhibited by certain mechanisms. This study finds that the use of retinoic acid (vitamin A related compounds) and transforming growth factor beta (a cytokine controlling cell maturation) can restore progesterone’s protective ability. As added info, many women today, as a result of exposure to way too many exogenous estrogens, go through anovulatory cycles. Without the release of an ovum during a normal menstrual cycle, the body lacks that normal exposure to progesterone that is so needed for normal female reproductive function.

JCEM — Abstracts: Bruner-Tran et al. 87 (10): 4782

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