Stem Cells and The Umbilical Cord


If you talk to any midwife, they can be a plethora of information on how the birthing process was meant to go.  No epidurals, no induction, no lithotomy position straps.  And it seems that, as a species, it actually worked out ok (otherwise none of us would be here to have this discussion).  I have heard discussion about when the umbilical cord should or should not be cut, but this article gives some great insight into WHY the cord should not be cut immediately.  I was not aware of this prior to this article.  Basically, throughout history, the squatting position for delivery was common, allowing gravity to assist in the transfer of stem cells from the placenta to the newborn.  With the advent of the lithotomy position and immediate severance of the cord, it appears that the is reduced transfer of stem cells that have a positive effect on the newborn’s ability to make healthier blood early, leading to lower risk for lung and blood related problems.  Such a potentially simple fix.

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James Bogash

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