Stainless Steel Cervical Disc Beneficial For Patients W/ DJD – (10-26-00)

Stainless Steel Cervical Disc Beneficial For Patients W/ DJD

While it’s very nice to have a new surgical option for patients with severe neck pain, I personally would race try less severe methods first, such as chiropractic, glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate, MSM…all of which have shown efficacy with neck pain. But, they researchers did use this disc in place of surgical fusion, which can have devastating consequences years after the procedure.

(article) Surgical insertion of a stainless steel disc may alleviate the symptoms of cervical spine degeneration, researchers from the Frenchay Hospital, in Bristol, England, reported today at the 50th annual meeting of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons in San Antonio. Dr. Wigfield and colleagues compared the responses of 12 patients who received the artificial disc to those of 13 patients who underwent traditional discectomy and fusion. All 12 patients who received the artificial disc were able to maintain total range of movement in the treated area. They also showed a reduction in stress on adjacent unaffected discs. Dr. Wigfield credits the design of the artificial disc for its preliminary success. The disc consists of two parts that sit on each other, like a cup and saucer. The design permits the vertebrae to rotate, tilt and move backward and forward, similar to normal spinal movement. “We are encouraged by these early studies,” Dr. Wigfield said.

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