Screening for Celiac Disease in Healthy 2.5-Year-Old Children – (01-08-01)

Screening for Celiac Disease in Healthy 2.5-Year-Old Children

This study points to a higher than previously believed incidence of gluten allergy (found primarily in wheat). Throw in dairy, corn and soy sensitivities and the numbers of infants and toddlers would grow. So why do many patients look at me strange when I suggest that allergies may be contributing to their child’s ear infections, constipation, asthma or frequent colds? Allergies do not always manifest as overt rashes and hives–the sooner we get this idea out of our heads and realize that food allergies/sensitivities are major contributors to disease, the better our overall health will be.

Pediatrics — Abstracts: Carlsson et al. 107 (1): 42

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James Bogash

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