ß-Carotene or Mixed Carotenoids Protects from UV-Induced Erythema – (01-09-03)

ß-Carotene or Mixed Carotenoids Protects from UV-Induced Erythema

Remember all the hoopla about the increase in melanoma in children and adolescents? We heard alot about it here in AZ. All the experts were saying that we need to limit sun exposure and use more sunscreen. Not only person in the news approached this news with any grain of common sense. Does anyone out there actually think kids are getting more sun exposure now than we did 30 years ago??? Kids are plopped in front of computers and video games. Kids are coated with sunscreens (did they even MAKE sunscreen 30 years ago?) and told to stay out of the sun. So, while the logical person would say that sun exposure is actually less, those same people would ask why the increase in skin cancers? This article is a portion of the answer. Protection from the sun comes from inside. Substances like Vit C, bioflavonoids and carotenoids protect us from the sun and our kids are getting less and less of these in their diets.

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