Reduced colonization by H. pylori in mice deficient in IL-10 – (05-07-01)

Reduced colonization by H. pylori in mice deficient in IL-10

This is one to really make you think! IL-10 is a Th-2 cytokine (the body’s defence team, as opposed to Th-1 which is the body’s attack team) that appears to increase the likelihood of an H pylori infection. Two things to consider here. First, today’s medical choices (antibiotic use, vaccines…) skew the developing child towards a Th-2 dominant state. Next, it has been shown that early H. pylori infection, much like probiotics in the GI tract, helps to build up a health Th-1 system which can help develop a healthy immune response. I’ve always said that I am leery of destroying H. pylori st because it is there and I do believe that this info supports my viewpoint. Could H. pylori, much like probiotics, be needed to develop a healthy, balanced immune system? Or, may an H. pylori infection actually be a sign of an already present unbalanced immune system?

Synergy : Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology 16 (4), 377-383

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James Bogash

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