Public Citizen Says FDA Fraudulently Approved Food Irradiation – (11-02-00)

Public Citizen Says FDA Fraudulently Approved Food Irradiation

The FDA is under heavy attack these days with accusations of fraud and abuse. Top among these is the revelation that some 52% of FDA panel members had financial ties to the drug companies they were supposed to regulate. Governmental agencies are fraught with abuse and can no longer be considered as reliable information relating to your health.

(article) The Food and Drug Administration should withdraw its approval of food irradiation to kill bacteria, said the advocacy group Public Citizen on Tuesday, claiming that the agency based its acceptance of the technology on faulty studies. Joined by the Cancer Prevention Coalition and several environmental protection organizations, Public Citizen and the other groups said there were numerous public health threats posed by applying ionizing radiation to food. The groups documented their charges in a lengthy report issued at a press briefing. The report, called “A Broken Record—How the FDA Legalized, and Continues to Legalize, Food Irradiation Without Testing it For Safety,” shows that “FDA has failed in its mandate to protect consumers,” said Wenonah Hauter, director of Public Citizen’s Critical Mass Energy and Environment Program. Samuel Epstein, an expert on carcinogenicity and chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, said there is overwhelming evidence that radiation cuts the nutritional value of food by a third, and that once cooked, the food has no nutritional value left. Epstein also said that there is a large body of evidence that irradiation poses a threat to human fertility and reproductive viability, and that it appears that many of the chemicals created as byproducts are carcinogenic to humans. For instance, benzene, a known carcinogen, is a byproduct that appears in large quantities in irradiated beef, according to the Public Citizen report.

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