Prunes on the ratio of 2- to 16alpha-hydroxyestrone – (12-05-02)

Prunes on the ratio of 2- to 16alpha-hydroxyestrone

Remember that estrogens can be broken down by several pathways in the body, with the 2-hydroxyestrone pathway being considered protective and the 16- pathway being genotoxic. Thus, the 2/16 ratio has been shown to be a risk factor for several types of cancer, including breast and endometrial. Brassica family of veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts) are well known to favorably effect this ratio. Seems we can add prune juice to the list.

AJCN — Abstracts: Kasim-Karakas et al. 76 (6): 1422

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James Bogash

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