Outbreak of Varicella at a Day-Care Center despite Vaccination – (12-12-02)

Outbreak of Varicella at a Day-Care Center despite Vaccination

This study points to one of the major issues with the vaccination debate. This infection was seeded with a child who had been vaccinated and spread it to fifty percent of his classmates. First of all, if the child was vaccinated, how could they possibly have gotten chicken pox?? Because, despite common belief, vaccinations do not provide complete protection (in some cases not even close). In addition, after hearing the advertising push for the vaccinations last year, I am surprised that no children died. The advertising made it sound like chicken pox was a life threatening condition with poor, innocent children dropping left and right. Fortunately, this is not even close to the truth. I’m sure many of you reading this had chicken pox as a child. The point is that we are pushing for vaccinations for diseases that only rarely cause severe outcomes, and the “treatment” for the condition may actually be worse than the disease itself.

NEJM — Abstracts: Galil et al. 347 (24): 1909

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James Bogash

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