Osteoporosis: Part I. Evaluation and Assessment – (03-22-01)

Osteoporosis: Part I. Evaluation and Assessment

This is obviously a review on osteoporosis. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it serves as only a very general overview of the topic. Prevention of osteoporosis can be done on many fronts; only a portion of which are noted in the article. Avoidance of animal proteins with replacement with plant and soy proteins, avoidance of carbonated beverages, addition of fruits and vegetables and a high quality calcium supplement. In addition, always mysteriously absent is the urine test for the breakdown products of bone. This simple, non-invasive test has been used for decades in research to determine whether a therapy was having an effect on bone. Any bone density test is incomplete without this test to find out the rate at which you are breaking down bone.

Osteoporosis: Part I. Evaluation and Assessment – March 1, 2001 – American Family Physician

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