NVIC Says IOM Report Confirms 1999 FDA/EPA Order for Mercury-Free – (10-08-01)

NVIC Says IOM Report Confirms 1999 FDA/EPA Order for Mercury-Free

If just seems interesting that chiropractors have been warning about the dangers of vaccines for decades and been called heretics, unscientific and worse for this belief. And yet, as time progresses, we see more and more stuff arising about the dangers of the mass-immunization practice here in the US. How could anyone ever have considered mercury as safe to use at any level? The whole concept to me seems unfathomable. Now we see much backpeddling on the part of the governement agencies–thimerisol is safe, but we still need to spend millions getting rid of it. See any dichotomy here???

The nation’s oldest and largest vaccine safety advocacy organization, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), today called the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report evaluating whether mercury preservatives in vaccines have caused developmental delays in children a “confirmation” that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) were justified in ordering drug companies to take mercury out of childhood vaccines in 1999. Although the IOM’s Immunization Safety Review Committee concluded there is not enough evidence to prove or disprove the hypothesis that mercury-containing vaccines have caused children to develop learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and autism, the IOM Committee found enough evidence that mercury can damage the human brain to recommend that mercury preservatives be removed from all vaccines and over-the-counter consumer products.”This IOM report confirms the obvious: mercury is bad for you and we shouldn’t be injecting our babies with it. Even though there have been too few controlled studies to confirm the relationship between mercury-containing vaccines and various kinds of brain dysfunction, the bottom line is that drug companies should have come up with a non-toxic way to preserve the stability of vaccines a long time ago. Now we need a comprehensive analysis of the potential toxicity of all other vaccine additives, starting with aluminum,” said Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of NVIC.NVIC has recently joined with SAFEMINDS, founded in 2000 by parents who believe their children were harmed by mercury in vaccines, in calling for the removal of all mercury-containing childhood vaccines from the market in the United States and for doctors to warn pregnant women that the flu vaccine contains mercury.

James Bogash

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