Mucosal Flora in Inflammatory Bowel Disease – (01-10-02)

Mucosal Flora in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

This article suggests that patients with IBD have a decreased ability to keep bacteria from growing along the mucosal layer of the gut. A few things to consider here. First, this article does not suggest it, but I would consider the makeup of that flora incredibly important as to the manifestations of the disease. Second, I have seen in several Crohn’s patients that yeast infiltration plays a major role in symptoms. Maybe it is possible that IBD patients have decreased ability to fight off bacteria at the mucosal layer. Maybe in these patients it is incredibly important to maintain high levels of non-pathenogenic bacteria (probiotics) and avoiding lifestyle behaviors that alter that balance negatively…

Gastroenterology — Abstracts: SWIDSINSKI et al. 122 (1): 44

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James Bogash

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