Management of Chronic Tension-Type Headache – (05-28-01)

Management of Chronic Tension-Type Headache

This study compares tricyclic antidepressant medication with stress management and the combination of the two on tension-type headaches. They both proved “modestly effective.” I’m sure there are many chiropractors out there that can blow away the numbers seen in this study. If a patient is willing to listen to the recommendations given (regarding management lifestyle to control cortisol, insulin and other hormones) along with trigger point therapy and manipulative therapy, I can pretty much guarantee 100% resolution of headaches. Just like everything else it’s a multifactorial approach that HAS to have chiropractic to address the musculoskeletal component.

Management of Chronic Tension-Type Headache With Tricyclic Antidepressant Medication, Stress Management Therapy, and Their C

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