Macadamia nuts lowers plasma total and LDL Cholesterol levels – (04-23-03)

Macadamia Nuts Lowers Plasma Total and LDL Cholesterol Levels

Sadly, I had another patient recently that I obtained old blood work on (6 months prior). This women was on Lipotor, despite the fact that her cholesterol was under 200, HDL was sky high at 80-something and triglycerides were just under 300. This does not strike me as a patient that needs meds–she needs lifestyle changes to affect Syndrome X (abdominal obesity was also present). Worsening the picture was that her liver enzymes were elevated and her PCP made no changes. Worse, the “lifestyle changes” he gave here were no breads and low fat. What an incredible disservice this patient was given. She was surprised when I told her to increase nut consumption (as well as other beneficial changes for insulin sensitivity) because her PCP told her to avoid them… — Abstracts: Garg et al. 133 (4): 1060

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James Bogash

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