Ketogenic Diet Linked With High Rate of Kidney Stones – (09-18-00)

Ketogenic Diet Linked With High Rate of Kidney Stones

Remember, this diet is very similar to the high protein/Atkin’s diet. Trust me…anyone on this diet would gladly put weight back on instead of trying to pass those kidney stones!!!

J Urol 2000;164:464-466 The ketogenic diet, which is increasingly being used to treat refractory epilepsy in children, induces several metabolic abnormalities that increase the risk of nephrolithiasis. Dietary modification can be an appropriate prophylactic measure, but refractory stone disease may require discontinuation of the ketogenic diet completely. Lithiasis rate in this population reportedly ranges from 3% to 10%, significantly higher than in the general pediatric population. Dr. Kielb’s group recommends screening urinalysis and renal ultrasonography at 1 and 2 years for children on the ketogenic diet.

James Bogash

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