Irregular Menstrual Cycles as a Marker for Risk of Diabetes – (11-26-01)

Irregular Menstrual Cycles as a Marker for Risk of Diabetes

Articles like this always seem a little surprising for me. The findings of this study are absolutely no surprise to anyone familiar with physiology. Hyperinsulinemia wreaks havoc on steroid hormones synthesis, typically leading to elevated testosterone at the expense of estrogen synthesis. So seeing a study like this seems only to confirm what we already know. However, I would turn it around. Any woman with menstrual difficulties needs to first address the way she handles her sugars and possible metabolic syndrome X. Exercise, supplementation with vanadium, chromium and other synergistic nutrients, and whole grain intake over refined carbs can be used as an approach. Additionally, proper elimination from the GI tract and balanced hepatic detoxification are also essential elements to addressing menstrual complaints. Ironically, the mainstream solution is the birth control pill, which will worsen insulin sensitivity and further disrupt hormone regulation without fixing the problem.

Long or Highly Irregular Menstrual Cycles as a Marker for Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

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James Bogash

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