Insulin resistance and risk for stroke – (09-26-02)

Insulin resistance and risk for stroke

I’m sure that none of you who regularly read Updates had your eyes bulge wide on this one, this article does bother me a little. First, it is in a neurological journal, which is fine–all specialist should become familiar with the effect of increased insulin resistance because it truly cuts across all organ systems. However, I have a serious beef with the conclusion of this article that suggests that new drugs can be used to affect insulin resistance. Well, we know from several well designed studies that insulin sensitivity can be dramatically impacted through lifestyle changes (exercise, avoidance of refined grains for whole grains and intake of lots of fresh fruits and veggies). This article, which may be some neurologist’s first exposure to this concept, neglects to mention one of the most powerful tools to treat insulin resistance.

Neurology — Abstracts: Kernan et al. 59 (6): 809

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James Bogash

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