Inflammation and death in Chronic Heart Failure – (01-02-01)

Cytokine Parameters and Mortality in Chronic Heart Failure

This is an interesting article, not only looking at different types of tissue necrosis factor (TNF) in heart disease, but also other cytokines as well. As happens so often with human physiology and disease, we start to see the tangled web that decides our health. TNFalpha levels are increased by insulin and abdominal adipose tissue. Both high insulin levels and obesity are linked to increased risk of heart disease. Could this be one of the mechanisms by which this occurs? Maybe this is the route by which whole grains protects against heart disease; by controlling the insulin response and lowering production of TNFalpha…

Circulation — Abstracts: Rauchhaus et al. 102 (25): 3060

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James Bogash

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