Increased Need for Thyroxine with Hypothyroidism during HRT – (06-14-01)

Increased Need for Thyroxine with Hypothyroidism during HRT

Will the lack of understanding of basic physiology never end? It is known that estrogen blocks the conversion of T4 to T3 (the thyroid produces mainly T4-the inactive form–it needs to be converted to its active form later in the target tissues). So, it is no surprise that estrogen replacement therapy will increase the need for thyroid hormone replacement. Here’s a novel idea–instead of giving another drug to make up for the side effects of the first-how about managing menopause naturally and avoiding the need for HRT? Consider the possibility that nature specifically designed menopause to protect the female body from the accumulated effects of aging? Does HRT then sound like such a good idea?

NEJM — Abstracts: Arafah 344 (23): 1743

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