High incidence of cardiovascular events in a rheumatoid arthritis – (01-24-02)

High incidence of cardiovascular events in a rheumatoid arthritis

Do we need any more evidence that CVD has a strong inflammatory component? I would think not, and anti-inflammatory lifestyles/approaches should be an integral part of any intervention designed to lower risk of CVD. I recently had a patient that we ran a CRP on looking for inflammation related to joint pain. She came back with an very elevated CRP. This patient had a strong family history of heart disease and her twin brother had lymphoma (she is mid 30′s). Well, we made some lifestyle changes including avoidance of refined carbs and hydrogenated oils. Several months later her CRP had dropped to just above normal. There is a strong chance this patient just cut her risk of CVD dramatically through a lowering of her overall inflammatory state.

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James Bogash

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