Fractures, calcium, and the modern diet – (11-08-01)

Fractures, calcium, and the modern diet

WOW!! How refreshing for an article in a major medical journal to cut through the PR from the dairy industry and lay some truths bare. Osteoporosis is NOT a disease of calcium deficiency. It is a result of a Westernized lifestyle. From a physiological viewpoint, the body wants to keep us alive for right now and that involves keeping pH and calcium levels of the blood in very tight levels. When a more acid-producing diet is eaten (i.e. more animal protein based) the body buffers with bicarbonate and calcium, causing the calcium levels in the blood to fall. The blood needs to get levels back to keep us alive for right now and where is the best source of calcium in the body?? Bone. Years of this pattern weakens the structure of bone.

AJCN — Abstracts: Hegsted 74 (5): 571

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