Food allergies exist and are major contributors to chronic disease – (06-09-03)

Celiac neuropathy

With the virtual avoidance of the fact that food allergies exist and are major contributors to chronic disease, this study has the potential to change the way many doctors view allergies. Unfortunately, they would have to read the article first….

This article reminds me of a patient I had awhile back that had been diagnosed with dermatitis herpatiforms–a skin condition closely linked to celiac disease–10 yrs prior. When he asked his doctor if he should avoid wheat, the doctor said that would be too hard and put him on a drug used for leprosy. Forget the long term damage that a food allergy like this could cause on other organ systems.

Neurology — Abstracts: Chin et al. 60 (10): 1581

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James Bogash

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