Exposure to Soy-Based Formula in Infancy – (11-26-01)

Exposure to Soy-Based Formula in Infancy

When it comes to infant feeding breastfeeding for at least 6 months is unquestionably the best. Unfortunately this is not common and the infant is moved to formula too early. At this point we have an immature immune system being bombarded with foreign proteins via the GI tract. I don’t care what type of formula is offered–dairy, soy, goat…the risk of sensitization is high. The developing immune system just cannot handle it. If breastfeeding cannot be continued (and many times it is discontinued inappropriately because of some GI or skin complaint in the infant that is really related to the modifiable maternal diet and NOT the breastfeeding itself) than a hydrolyzed formula that has already undergone significant protein degradation is the best option. Less proteins for the infant to react to.

Exposure to Soy-Based Formula in Infancy

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James Bogash

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