Energy Imbalance and Prostate Cancer – (11-14-02)

Energy Imbalance and Prostate Cancer

This is an interesting concept with prostate cancer, and does seem to fit with other observations. This review article found associations with excess (above expenditure) caloric intake and risk of prostate cancer as well as with more advanced cases of prostate cancer. This fits with a few other concepts. First, caloric restriction w/o nutrient restriction has consistently shown life span extension in mammals, and cancer risk reduction across the board may very well be a factor in the longevity. Second, IGF-1, a hormone that has been related to risk of prostate cancer, is increased via insulin and insulin levels would generally increase with higher caloric intakes. You could add a low caloric diet to treatment for prostate cancer. — Abstracts: Platz 132 (11): 3471S –

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James Bogash

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