DNA Methylation and Diet in Cancer – (12-12-02)

DNA Methylation and Diet in Cancer

This is such an important concept to grasp and is probably one of the more important biological processes that occurs that relates to health and longevity. Jeffrey Bland, PhD, describes methylation as the paper clip on DNA that keeps that area of the DNA from being exposed to the environmental toxins as well as keeping that DNA from being transcribed (even though a liver cell has DNA to be a brain cell, this does not happen because the liver’s “brain DNA” is methylated and kept quiet). The more DNA is exposed to toxins, the greater the likelihood of damage and subsequent errors in cell division (i.e. tumors). Some methylation is an incredibly important process and is supported by folic acid, Vit B12 and Vit B6 which provide the free methyl group needed for methylation.

Nutrition.org — Abstracts: Johanning et al. 132 (12): 3814S

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James Bogash

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