Cranberry Juice and Adhesion of Antibiotic-Resistant Uropathogens – (07-01-02)

Cranberry Juice and Adhesion of Antibiotic-Resistant Uropathogens

The results of this study are really quite amazing. Use of cranberry juice in this study changed anti-adherence of E. coli from 0% up to 80%. A quick comment, however…this article denotes that cranberry juice “cocktail” was used. This generally refers to the sugar-added version, not the natural stuff.

If this is the case in this study, it is likely that the actual juice may have been even more effective. Keep in mind that it is actually the D-mannose in the juice that is absorbed, passes through to the urine and binds the fimbrae on the pathogenic bacteria, thus preventing the bacteria from attaching to the cells of our urinary system. Couple this therapy with probiotic deuches and I’m sure that the use of antibiotics for UTIs would become a rare therapy.

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James Bogash

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