Consumption of Cherries Lowers Plasma Urate in Healthy Women – (06-09-03)

Consumption of Cherries Lowers Plasma Urate in Healthy Women

Cherry juice is one of those age old remedies for gout and here we see a recent study supporting this approach. Of course, avoidance of red meat and alcohol will help with gout as well. — Abstracts: Jacob et al. 133 (6): 1826 – Chlorogenic Acid Bioavailability Depends on Metabolism by Gut Microflora.

Although this is a rat study, the potential implications really are astounding. Antibiotics may have the potential to increase risk of certain types of cancer by killing off normal bacterial flora that both detoxify toxic substances and activate anti-cancer compounds from foods. Although this is an A=B, B=C so A=C type of assumption, I believe their are enough studies and physiologic plausability to support this statement. — Abstracts: Gonthier et al. 133 (6): 1853

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James Bogash

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