Comparison of CRP and LDL in Prediction of First Cardiovascular Events – (11-21-02)

Comparison of CRP and LDL in Prediction of First Cardiovascular Events

I find it amazing, with today’s technology, that this article is no longer news!! I’m sure everyone has heard about this article already. What does amaze me, is that discussion in the medical literature still does not think that CRP levels should be checked routinely. My gosh…do we have to stamp “CRP” on a bat and whomp these doctors upside the head so they see it every-time they look in the mirror?? Personally, I’ve been telling people for years that CRP levels are important for assessing CVD risk (along with homocysteine, Lipoprotein A, ApoE4, fibrinogen…). However, I did have a gentleman in a class I was teaching today say that his cardiologist did not feel a need to check CRP levels because it was already known that he had CVD. HUH? Maybe the cardiologist did not order it because he/she would not know how to lower it if it was elevated? What if this patient’s CRP levels are elevated and interventions such as avoiding refined carbs and fish oil can bring it down? I guess we’ll never know.

NEJM — Abstracts: Ridker et al. 347 (20): 1557

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