Closure of patent foramen ovale reduces the frequency of migraine attacks – (06-10-04)

Closure of patent foramen ovale reduces the frequency of migraine attacks

I’m finding this article very interesting. Fixing a patent foramen ovale (this is an opening from right to left ventricle that bypasses the lungs in the fetus who does not use the lungs, this should shut at birth) cuts migraine frequency in these patients by HALF. This really opens up a can of worms here. I’ve always had a problem with mainstream medicine’s approach to headaches in general. There is almost always an underlying physiological or anatomical imbalance that creates headaches. This needs to be found and fixed NOT COVERED UP WITH PAIN MEDS!!!! I cannot tell you how many times patients come into my office after years of unsuccessful treatment of headaches from the medical community and they are gone in 2-3 weeks.

This article would suggest that some degree of oxygen deprivation (patent foramen ovale leads to some blood skipping the lungs) was a major contributor to these patient’s migraines. Might some degree of this be present in patients without PDA? Maybe approaches designed to improve oxygenation, oxygen delivery and facilitate efficient use of the oxygen that is there might show strong benefits in migraine patients.

Neurology — Abstracts: Schwerzmann et al. 62 (8): 1399

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