Chronic asthma and chiropractic spinal manipulation

I came across this one in my musings and thought it was interesting. This is one of those issues that is pushed by some DCs but the evidence is not all there yet.

This study found a 34% reduction in patient rated severity in their asthmatic symptoms–not something to be discounted lightly. My opinion? I think that there are patients whose asthma is mediated by the nervous system and will respond favorably to manipulation. And, since the safety of CMT is very, very high compared to the medications used to treat asthma, there is no disadvantage to attempting a trial period. However, I would also include a diet free of processed foods and refined carbs as well (which is probably why I won’t be invited to a clinical trial of a single modality any time soon…).

Entrez PubMed –

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James Bogash

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