Causes of Death in Patients With Celiac Disease – (07-21-03)

Causes of Death in Patients With Celiac Disease

Just another reminder of how devastating the condition can be. Essentially, celiac disease is an allergy to the gluten protein in grains, most notably wheat. The levels of gluten is further elevated in “technology” grown grains where fertilizers high in nitrogen are used. I know I have mentioned this patient before, but it warrants bringing him up again. I had a patient awhile back that was diagnosed 10 yrs prior with dermatitis herpatiformis–a skin condition closely linked to wheat allergy. His doctor at that time told him he did not need to avoid wheat–just stay on this drug indefinitely (the drug was commonly used for leprosy). Knowing what we know about celiac disease and its long term effects–that borders on malpractice.

Arch Intern Med — Abstracts: Peters et al. 163 (13): 1566

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