Taking Vitamin D? You Need to Add This Vitamin as Well

Prediabetes is arguably more dangerous to your health than is cigarette smoking.  For the smoker who is prediabetic, life insurance is a must. This danger to your health stems from the fact that prediabetes and diabetes attack pretty much every organ in your body.  The blood vessels get destroyed (heart attack and stroke), the DNA of […]

Optimal Vitamin D Levels: Who’s Got the Right Answer?

Anytime I try to answer a question about health, I always look back towards what we are designed for.  Our bodies are designed with a brilliance that surpasses our current knowledge. My rationalization is that, if we can figure out what we were designed for, then living by those parameters is much more likely to […]

Are You Giving Your Kids this Vitamin?

  You take your vitamins religiously. You exercise and watch what you eat.  But your kids?  You send them to school with a Twinkie and fruit juice and don’t think twice about vitamins for them. It’s not that you don’t care about your kids, it’s just that we don’t really think of them as having […]

Vitamin D And Cognitive Decline

CAN THIS SIMPLE ACT PROTECT AGAINST LOSING YOUR MIND? Again beating a dead horse here…the benefits of Vit D are truly too many to count.  This particular study looked at the risk of cognitive decline and Vit D levels in the blood in those older than 65 yoa and found that those with < 25 […]

Type 1 Diabetes

POWERFUL NEWS FOR CHILDHOOD DISEASE?? Having a small child myself, the idea of Type 1 diabetes striking in infancy is heartbreaking to me.  I am strongly in favor of research to help ameliorate this condition in children (including islet cell transplantation).  I am even more strongly in favor of increasing and implementing our preventative efforts.  […]