Chiropractic Care

Chiropractor Mesa, AZ As I usually mentioned in these chiropractic-related blog posts, I need to add in the “I’m clearly biased” disclaimer.  That being said… There are some clear stereotypes associated with chiropractic care.  The most powerful of which is that we use adjusting to treat acute low back pain that does not involve either […]

Hydration Myths; What to Avoid, What to Increase

What Should You Be Drinking Stay hydrated. Drink 8 glasses of water per day. Somewhere along the way, society got brainwashed. Maybe it was well-meaning personal trainers. Maybe it was an attempt to manage society’s increasing waistlines. Maybe it was financially motivated by the bottled water companies (although they likely jumped on the bandwagon that […]


I just have to ask…if you’re not supplementing with Vitamin D yet, why not? The research is very strong and the bottom line is that we were designed for heavy amounts of sunlight.  Our paleolithic ancestors didn’t have sunscreen.  Didn’t have the option of staying inside and playing Xbox instead of hunting for food.  Granted, […]

Which Comes First? Abdominal Fat or Prediabetes?

Which comes first?  The insulin reistant chicken or the egg with abdominal fat? To a certain degree, the answer doesn’t really matter all that much because the answer (lifestyle changes) is the same in either case.  But it may change the perspective on which we view the condition of obesity and diabetes.  Diabetics and overweight people […]

Preventing Heart Disease: Do Cardiologists Help?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t inherently have a problem with cardiologists. But, for heart disease to be almost entirely preventable and remain the #1 killer in the industrialized world, we’ve absolutely dropped the ball. I just don’t see any excuse for a clearly preventable disease to be the #1 killer. And I cannot accept […]