Very Common Chemical Dangerous in Pregnancy

I have always been and will always remain staunchly against artificial sweeteners.  In ANY amount. They have become so ubiquitous and so accepted in society today that no one questions their safety.  However, an increasing number of animal and human studies continue to find that these compounds increase the risk of weight gain and diabetes–exactly […]

How Can We Increase the Likelihood of Breastfeeding?

It seems like society continues to move further and further away from nursing.  There is absolutely no doubt that this move is a BAD thing. There are compounds in breast milk that we are only now beginning to discover (galacto-oligosaccharides are the most recent discovery).  Formula will never, ever, ever replace breast milk. I hear […]

Pre-eclampsia, Gestational Diabetes and Lifestyle Choices

BETTER PREGNANCY OUTCOMES THROUGH LIFESTYLE? The research is very heavily in support of the idea that healthy pregnancies begin long before a couple becomes pregnant.  Mom’s AND dad’s weight and health status dictate not only the health of the developing baby but the likelihood of getting pregnant in the first place. In fact, polycystic ovary […]

Narcotics and Your Baby; Not a Good Combo

You’re reading the title of this thinking that this is pretty stupid.  Who on Earth would think that this is a good idea??  Opioids during pregnancy. I’m sure that if I gave you the true / false question, “Morphine is ok to take while pregnant,” there’d be no hesitation to check the “false” box.  And […]

Pregnancy Weight Gain and Childhood Health

BREAKING THE CYCLE OF CHRONIC DISEASE BEGINS HOW EARLY? Based on previous posts, this shouldn’t be a trick question.  The answer is before pregnancy. In this study, women who gained excess weight during pregnancy had children that, at 9 years of age, had pretty much EVERY risk factor for heart disease elevated.  A literal time […]