“Smoking Gun” of Childhood Leukemia and Lymphoma Found

When a 50 year old 3-pack-a-day smoker gets lung cancer, we all shake our head.  But when it’s a 6 year old, only horror is felt. Personally, I have always believed that childhood cancers come from a bad combination of genetic susceptibility and environmental chemical exposure.  Either way, it is in no way, shape or […]

How Can We Increase the Likelihood of Breastfeeding?

It seems like society continues to move further and further away from nursing.  There is absolutely no doubt that this move is a BAD thing. There are compounds in breast milk that we are only now beginning to discover (galacto-oligosaccharides are the most recent discovery).  Formula will never, ever, ever replace breast milk. I hear […]

Are You Paying Attention to What Your Kids Are Eating at School?

We’re always so quick to blame school lunches as being of very poor nutritional quality (they are), but few are very good at looking at what they are choosing to pack in their children’s sack lunches. Convenience items like cheese and crackers, processed lunchmeat and packaged cheeses are typical.  This particular article finds that few of the sack […]

Is YOUR Stress Programming Your Kids for Depression?

There is absolutely no doubt that stress is a major factor in the declining health of our country.  From the standpoint of treating patients in my office, helping patients manage their own stress is one of the most difficult tasks I undertake.  Sadly, only on rare occasions are patients successful. I know that my own […]

Do You Know What YOUR Child is Wearing? 5 Tips to Keep Them Safe

  Chemicals are everywhere in our world.  I’ve said before that we live in a toxic soup, and that absolutely includes our children. Our kids have a particular susceptibility to toxins in our environment because their detoxification ability is not as strong as an adult’s.  To make this worse, we are particularly sensitive to the […]