The Health of Your Child is Entirely Up to You

THE HEALTH OF YOUR CHILD BEGINS BEFORE YOU GET PREGNANT.  When you really think about it, our system of healthcare really is screwed up.  The body does not respect the artificial barriers of specialties as we have designated them.  The impact of an OB/GYN making the recommendation for a couple looking to get pregnant to […]

Do You Give Your Kid’s Gatorade?

GATORADE FOR ACTIVE KIDS?  Gatorade (in it’s original form without all the iridescent colors and artificial sweeteners) was designed for the athlete who hits the wall at 60 minute of heavy aerobic activity and needs rapid glucose for the next hour.  And, quite frankly, it does a good job at this.  And ONLY this.  But, […]

Infant and Child Growth Charts

CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN WHY WE NEED GROWTH CHARTS FOR INFANTS AND CHILDREN?  It is not unusual for me to have a patient nervous that their child was above or below “normal” weight and height for there age.  Usually we are talking about infants.  I’m guessing that none of us need a chart to look at […]

Short Burst Aerobic – Mesa AZ Stem Cell Chiropractic

IF YOU CAN’T EXERCISE THIS MUCH, JUST HANG IT UP NOW….Gotta love us lazy humans.  Just how little exercise, how little we have to exert and how infrequent do we have to exercise and still get a benefit.  Not that I advocate hanging out of the bottom of the bell curve, but in this study participants bursts on […]

Are Your Cooking Pans Damaging Your Child’s Health?

You know those wonderful, non-stick pans that you love so well?  I hope you realize that many of today’s “conveniences” like non-stick cookware come with a price beyond the initial purchase. The wonderful Teflon that keeps all your foods from sticking to the pan is no exception.  The chemical compounds typically found in non-stick cookware include […]